Mon. Jan 30th, 2023

A lake is a naturally formed basin filled with fresh or salty water surrounding it in the form of land.

The water in the lake is not deep or shallow, and the water can come from ground water, springs, river water and rain water. A lake whose Latin language is lacus, a lake is an ecosystem located in a smaller place on the earth’s surface, the area occupied by the lake is smaller than the sea. The lake is also made as a place for providing electricity, recreation, water supply, and etc.
In INDONESIA there are several beautiful lakes.
What lakes are in INDONESIA, let’s discuss and write one by one.
This lake is the largest and most popular lake in Indonesia, a lake that wants to be the main destination in Indonesia and has an area of ​​1,100 km and is the most visited place.
The lake is full of legends in it, has a beautiful view and cools the hearts and eyes of those who look at it.
The lake was formed from a super massive explosion from Mount Toba 77,000 years ago, making global climate change and its eruption make the world’s population disappear.
This lake which has an area of ​​99.5 km, is a lake that is used as a natural tourist attraction, this lake is a source of water from the Batang Sri Antokan river, here we can see the thick Minang culture, because the inhabitants are Minangkabau people here. shops located on the outskirts of the lake.
When you go to West Sumatra, don’t forget to go to Lake Singkarak, because this lake you should not visit, the area of ​​this lake is 107.8 km, and makes it the second largest lake in INDONESIA, this lake was formed as a result of tectonic events.
The fish species that live here are bilih fish, which you won’t find anywhere else and that’s the main attraction in Singkarak Lake.
The lake, which has up to 7 different water colors, makes the lake a tourist destination that is worth a visit.
The lake, which is located in the Dieng plateau, WONOSOBO, is a lake which is said to change colors in its water, the thing that makes the lake water change is the high surfur content, emitting different colors because it is exposed to the reflection of sunlight.
The lake is located at the foot of Mount Semeru which has beautiful views.
The area of ​​this lake reaches 24 hectares and at an altitude of 2,389 meters above sea level, you have to climb Mount Semeru halfway to see its beauty. When you arrive and want to enter you are charged RP. 125000 per head to take a jeep to Ranu Pari village to do various health tests, and register using an ID card.
To reach this lake we have to struggle to see its beauty, physical condition must be maintained before going to the Labuan Cermin lake.
To get to this lake we have to take 7 hours overland, because the road conditions are not adequate, it would be nice if we took the Solomon Bay route.
This lake has two flavors, namely salty on the surface of the water and fresh taste at the bottom of the lake, and this is what causes the reflection so that the name of this lake is Labuan Cermin.